NSPA Fruit Extracts Nail Varnish Review

Hi Hi!! 😀

I received a gift set of nail polishes over Christmas and I forgot to review them so we go 😀


First Look  NSPA Fruit Extracts nail polish set

I honestly thought they looked like fruit scented nail polish 😀 but they aren’t :0( They have 4 different colours in square bottles each one 14mls

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have Hot Pink, Perfect Purple, Cool Coral and Mint Green 14ml


First coat

NSPA Fruit Extracts nail polish

Second coat


Third coat

My Experience

I  noticed with the pink and purple colour they kind of gave off a gel like look and were both see through with one coat but with the second coat they were opaque. The mint and coral colours the lighter colours were streaky and see through in both the first and second coats of nail polish. After applying a third coat of polish they were both opaque but the coral was still see through. I had no problem applying these nail polishes but the lighter colours were a touch watery which I have noticed with most. The mint seemed quite watery and ran down the sides as you can see in the photo. 

My Thoughts

I think these colours work nicely for the summer and if you can get it opaque enough with less streakiness they could work really nicely. I just rather have them opaque in one or two coats. The drying time wasn’t bad and like I said applying them was pretty good just not the mint colour as touch watery.


I give this nail polish a 7/10. Streakiness and wateriness isn’t good. I am not entirely sure about how the fruit extracts improve the nail polishes. This was a gift so will not be purchasing again.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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