My Nail Art: This Looks familiar

Hi Hi!! 😀 This looks familiar nails

This nail art came up at random but it looks so familiar but I can’t place my finger on what this looks like. If you know please leave a comment below.

What you need:

Top coat


Blue nail polish

Black nail polish

Bronze nail polish (it looks gold or silver to be honest)

Nail art pen/dotting tools


First step is to apply basecoat. I used two coats of Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener. Wait to dry in between coats.

Next apply blue nail polish. I used Vera Valenti  blue nail polish. Please click the link for my  review:

Wait to dry!

Now using your “bronze” colour nail polish make the design like I have in the photo. I am using Collection 2000 Maxiflex Bronzed. If you have your hand out flat I will tell you exactly what my right hand looks like(the hand in the photo) as I decided to make all the nails slightly different to make it look more complicated. Starting with the thumb paint across the tip of the nail, the thickness will depend on how wide your brush is. Then paint the right side of the nail, don’t worry about getting polish on your skin, you can clean it later. For the pointer finger you can paint the tip of the nail again but this time paint the left side of the nail. The middle finger we will paint the right side of the nail and the part closest to the cuticle. For the ring finger you will paint the right side of the nail and the tip of the finger and lastly the pinkie will paint the left part of the nail and the part closest to the cuticle.

Wait to dry!

Using a black nail polish and a dotting tool or a nail art pen you can add an extra detail. Outline where the blue nail polish and the bronze nail polish meet and then make the corner curve and fill it in. I used Maybelline Color Show Designer Nail art Pen in Black.

Wait to dry!

Last step is to add the top coat to make it nice and shiny 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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