Barry M Top Coat Review Matte

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I decided to try out a Matte Nail polish. I thought it might be worth while to get a top coat instead of a matte colour polish. I bought it from Superdrug for £2.99

First Look Barry M Matte Top coat

Looks a little bit like cloudy lemonade inside the bottle. The bottle is the usual Barry M style but it has a silver lid with the words top coat around it.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I tried a Matte Topcoat 10ml



My ExperienceDSC_5981

I applied a thin layer of the nail polish on my nails so as not to make it so gloopy and waited for it to dry.  It slowly started to lose shine and it became a more dry look. I did get worried that I would smudge it or make a dent but it dried pretty quick and trying to make a dent in the polish after it dried with my finger nail barely left a mark 😀

My Thoughts

I really like this top coat. I feel that the drying time is pretty quick and it will make an interesting change to any future manicures. I am looking forward to see the difference in other nail polish colours I have.


I give this nail polish a 9/10 as it is affordable, it dries quick and it can be used over any nail polish I choose. I do however feel it chips easily when your nails are a bit long or even think of cutting you nails.

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