Nail Polish Remover Pen Review

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Nail polish remover pen





I thought I would tell you about some helpful little pens that will come in handy for when you get messy manicures.

First look  Nail polish remover pen nib

It is a double ended nail polish remover pen. One of the lids has the pen part and the other contains the replacements remover nibs. There are 3 replacements altogether not including the nib already on the pen. The nib is flat on one side and pointy at the top for easy cleaning.

What I triedNail polish remover pen replacements

I tried a nail polish remover pen I found on Ebay for 99p from China. It does not have a name.

My Experience and Thoughts

According to the website there is nail polish remover inside the pen but I noticed it dried out after awhile and I managed to open the bottom of the pen where there is a long sponge inside which I soaked in my on nail polish remover and carried on using until the nib was too dirty. Please note that I have bought a couple of pens and not all of them open from the bottom(the ones that don’t open from the bottom well my trick is to just dip the nib in to the nail polish remover and use as normal). The nibs last quite awhile if you scrape the nail polish off as you go along. I like the shape of the nibs as I can get into the side of the nail in between the skin and nail without ruining my manicure or getting fluff stuck all over it. I always keep my nails quite short as you can see in a lot of my photos and when it comes to nail cutting day it is very difficult to get a neat and tidy manicure for some reason, so these pens come in real handy 😀


I give these pens a 9/10 as they are quick and easy to use, very cheap to buy and leave you with a nice and tidy manicure 😀 The one point I didn’t give is because of the ones I can’t open the bottom to :0(

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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