Barry M Lolly Gloss Nail Polish Review Orange Fizz and Cherry Drop

Hi Hi! 😀

I saw these nail polishes and I had to try them out. It said limited edition!! There were four limited edition shades Pink Candy and Purple Pop are the other two colours. I bought these from Boots at £3.99 each.

First Look DSC_6855

The bottle looks like the normal Barry M bottle but the lid is white with purple lollypop pictures.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have  Orange Fizz (Left) and Cherry Drop (Right) 10ml

My ExperienceDSC_6852

I applied my first layer of nail polish and they were pretty easy to apply and were very vibrant in colour. One coat was enough for a sheer look but and extra layer made it pretty much opaque 😀

My Thoughts

I really like this nail polish, the colours are very pretty and really nice for summer. Application was pretty good as the brush seemed wide enough and I had no problems with the formula. I do feel that I have very similar colours to this nail polish already. Please click link to my Spring Combination blog post The nail polishes are NSPA Fruit Extracts Hot Pink and Cool Coral. I also feel that these nail polishes have a jelly shiny kind of look to them which is nice a glossy which the NSPA nail polishes don’t really have. I also noticed that it has a slight sweet smell after it’s dry.



I give this nail polish a 9/10. I love how vibrant these nail polishes are and the way the nail polish applies I already have similar colours and they are little more then the regular Barry M polishes I buy which are £2.99 but I guess they as the are limited edition an extra pound isn’t so bad. 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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