Etude House Play Nail Care Easy Peel Off Basecoat Review

Hi Hi! 😀

I heard about peel off basecoats and how they are really good for glitter nail polishes. I had a look around and a lot of them are expensive but this Korean one seemed a decent price. £2.74 on Ebay. Bit of a wait if you don’t mind 😀

First Look Etude House Play nail care easy peel off basecoat

The bottle looks like a nice roundy bottle and the nail polish looks like a milky clear polish.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have Peel off Basecoat 8ml

My ExperienceEtude House Play nail care easy peel off basecoat nail

I applied the basecoat as normal and waited for it to dry. The review I read said it was important for it to fully dry before you apply the glitter nail polish. It took quite a long time to dry so I would definitely watch TV or YouTube for a bit and be careful when checking if it is dry as it is gloopy and could ruin it. When I used my glitter nail polish it dried as normal and looked just like it does when I use any other basecoat. I decided to wear this on a day when I figured I wouldn’t be doing much but I ended up using a lot of water on this day and certain situations where pressure was applied and it could slide off. The result is the photo above. That is one of the ones I managed to find (during the day I lost a couple of my nail polishes and I couldn’t really find them except for the pinkie one;0) )and the entire thing nail polish and basecoat came off quite cleanly. The nail polish that lasted the end of the day was quite easy to remove. Using either your finger nail or a cuticle pusher, starting at your cuticle and push toward the nail tip and you will start to see the nail polish come away from the nail whole 😀

My Thoughts

I would recommend this basecoat as for the price and what the result is off removing the nail polish it is pretty good. I wouldn’t recommend it for every day where you will be doing lots of washing up and cleaning and being very hands on as its not going to last. Glitter nail polish in my opinion is great for occasions, weddings and birthdays and dressing up and during those days chores is the last thing you will be doing. When it comes to those occasions it should stay on the entire day and it will be easy removal at the end of the day when you are too tired to scrub your nail polish off.


I give this nail polish a 9/10. The price is cheap, the removal is exactly as the title: easy and you can wear glitter nail polish not dreading the day you have to scrub at it. Only drawback is that the drying time is long and it is not every day. Highly recommend!! 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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