My Nail Art: Flamingo Day Nails

Hi Hi! 😀 Flamingo Day Nails

Please note: There is no such thing as Flamingo day (the bird), except the one that existed with me and my Special Someone and the one for Plastic lawn ornaments which is in June :0( Missed it. Anyway….

What You Need:


Top Coat

Orange colour nail polish

(flamingo)Pink colour nail polish

White colour nail polish

Blue colour nail polish

Dark pink colour nail polish

Black colour nail polish

Dotting tool/nail art pen

First step is to apply your basecoat. I am using two coats of Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener.

Wait to dry!

Next apply your base colour, the orange nail polish. I am using Barry M Lolly Gloss Orange Fizz.

Wait to dry!

Now for the flamingo head. Using a flamingo pink colour make a round shape for the head and a swipe downwards for the neck and then join them together. I am using Selena Gomez’s Nicole by OPI Naturally and the brush it came with. If you have a smaller nail or a bigger brush opt for a nail art brush or dotting tool to help you. As you can see in the photo I have made the flamingos face each other and different ways.

Waiting for it to dry you can move on to the beak. I noticed the beak has a slightly different shade of pink at the part that’s connected to the head. I didn’t have a lighter shade of pink so I mixed a white nail polish and the pink I used for the head and mixed it together. I then made a round-y rectangle shape that connects to the head and shapes the way for the rest of the beak. I used Color Club On Cloud Nine and a dotting tool. The rest of the beak is a curved black tip and to make this I used Rimmel 60secs Black Out and a dotting tool. If you prefer a nail art pen it may be easier to make the very tip like I did. What you need to do is make the shape of the end of a banana 😀

Wait to dry and start on the eyes. Using a large dotting tool and a white nail polish make the white part of the eye.

Wait to dry then add either a dark pink colour or a blue colour nail polish for the eyes. I alternated with OPI Strawberry Margarita and Hello Kitty OPI My Pal Joey. Lastly add a black nail polish and small dotting tool for the pupil and you are done.

The last step is the top coat to make it all shiny :D:D

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x 


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