My Glass Nail File

Hi Hi! 😀

I thought I would do a review of my ail file. I have had this nail file for quite so time after using a disposable and then a metal file.

First look  Glass nail file

It is a glass nail file with a green gradient from the handle to the tip of the file. There is also a tiny crystal at the handle of the file. Comes in protective case.

What I tried

I tried a glass nail file I found on Ebay. Just a regular one pound one 😀

My Experience and Thoughts

Having used a metal file for quite some time I was used to the grating sound it produces so when I used glass there was less of a noise. The file was firm but the surface was smooth which almost feels like it isn’t filing off anything, but after awhile you will start to see the nail dust come out, whereas the metal one you could feel it filing the nail down. I feel that this nail file is more gentle on my nail and gives a nice smooth finish. The disposable files were cheap but never lasted long and having to constantly replace them wasn’t for me. With this file just rinsing with water after using keeps it all nicenice and the case is a nice addition to protect the file. I feel like this file could last me a long time.


I give the 10/10 :D:D Love it! It’s green, cheap and gives a nice result without the file bending or breaking nails.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x



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