Etude House Nail Polish Review Berry Delicious Strawberry Soufflé Strawberry Jam (8)

Hi Hi! 😀

I have another Etude House nail polish 😀 I found this on Ebay for just over £3.

First Look

The bottle looks like a nice roundy bottle with a strawberry design lid. The polish inside is a deep red shade which looks like it has a slight shimmer.

The Nail Polish I TriedEtude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Souffle' Strawberry Jam

I have number 8 or Strawberry Jam as some sites call it (the name is not on the bottle) 8ml

My Experience

I had a good experience applying this nail polish. It was completely opaque in one coat with no streaks (yay!). I barely got any of the polish on my skin as the formula was just right, not too runny or thick. The shimmer doesn’t seem that obvious but it does make the look of the nail shinier rather then glittery.

My ThoughtsEtude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Souffle' Strawberry Jam Nails

I like this nail polish it is a beautiful shade of red which would be nice for special occasions. I Love dark nail polishes even though red is not my first choice. 


I give this nail polish a 9/10. I do like the cute bottle, the colour and the fact that it is inexpensive.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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