Barry M Molten Metal Nail polish Review Gold Digger and Silver Lining

Hi Hi! 😀

I saw these nail polish quite some time back and thought I would review them for ya ;0)

First Look Molten Metal nail polish

The bottle looks like the normal Barry M bottle but the lid has some kind of textured metallic/glittery look about it. Both nail polishes are a metallic colour and have a slight shimmery look to it.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have Gold Digger and Silver Lining 10ml

My ExperienceMolten Metal nail polish Silver lining

I applied the nail polish pretty easy although as my nails are pretty short and the brush is kind of wide it did go over the edge but that’s a quick clean. The first layer was a bit sheer but two coats was opaque. The nail polish was a touch watery so I had to be careful with how much I had on the brush. The gold nail polish was more yellow then gold to me and I was thinking of doing another coat of polish but I didn’t want to weigh the nail down especially since the polish is a bit gloopy.

Molten Metal nail polish Gold DiggerMy Thoughts

I was really impressed with the silver one as I have never owned a silver nail polish before although I would like one without the shimmer. The gold nail polish I didn’t like that much and I feel like I already have a similar nail polish but it could be a good replacement for it. I think both polishes worked pretty well and can be used as a top coat too. The brush is wide so you can do one swipe over the nail and you are done 😀


I give this nail polish a 8/10. I do like the idea of these nail polishes but feel the slight wateriness and wide brush could cause problems. Otherwise they seem pretty easy to work with once you get the hang  of it.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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