My Nail Art: Diwali 2016

Hi Hi! 😀

Surprise second nail art! Diwali is also coming up 😀

For Diwali I came up with a slightly unusual manicure but It kind of works. Only problem is that all the fingers except the thumb is upside down :0( But it kind of looks like a cool manicure for Autumn. Flaming leaves :0p The second picture is so you can see what it looks like right way up (I done it again on the day). The flame tips are meant to be closest to the cuticle though but either way I like it 😀


What you need:dsc_7047

Base coat

Top coat

Red nail polish

Orange nail polish

Yellow nail polishdsc_7049

Black nail polish

Glitter nail polish



First step is the base coat. applied two coats of Barry M’s Basecoat, Top coat and Nail hardener.

Wait to dry!

Paint all nails using an orange nail polish. I applied Rita Ora’s Rimmel Tangerine Tent. I only needed one coat.

Wait to dry!

Next using your yellow nail polish make the shape of a flame. It does not need to be perfect as I used the brush it came with. I used Rimmel’s 60secs Chin up Buttercup. Then using a red nail polish paint inside the yellow. I found just going in while its not dry gives it an interesting effect. I used Collection Work the Colour Lady in red.

Using your glitter nail polish paint over the orange parts. You can paint your glitter straight after the orange if you like but it will make the flame glittery so I just not to. I used Selena Gomez’s Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle.

Now using a small dotting tool and your black nail polish make the wick. Just a straight line from the middle of the flame and go down. I have also decided to outline the flame too to make it pop 😀 I used Rimmel’s 60secs Black Out.

Apply you top coat and you are done! 😀

Happy Diwali to all that celebrate and a Happy New year Too X x x Rexina

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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