Using a brush for clean up

Elf concealer brushHi Hi! 😀

I thought would talk about something different. I have mentioned about using a nail polish remover pen to clean up during and after a manicure. To see the review please click the link:

I do like using the nail polish remover pens but they are more of a disposable or on the go choice which you will eventually need to replace when it gets too dirty. I will continue to use the pens as they are easy to use except when they dry out. I have also started using a brush as a more permanent choice of clean up, which would be better for when you are at home, where you can pour some nail polish remover into a small cup/bowl or the cap from your bottle to dip your brush so a little bit fiddly.

I was looking at some of the nail art brushes that I have and tried them out but they were either to long or too thin. I heard about using a more flat brush so I ended up on Ebay. I found this  concealer brush by Elf for £2-3 and have had no problems with it except when a particularly dark shade of nail polish stained it slightly but it does not transfer on to the skin like the nail polish remover used to do when the nib needed changing. The brush works nicely in the sides of my nails whether the nail polish is wet or dry but easier when wet so best to clean up as you go along. After cleaning the polish on the skin I wipe the brush on the cotton pad before dipping in to the nail polish remover. When I am all done I use some hand wash liquid  to clean it then leave to dry.

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