Etude House Handmade Jam Nail Polish Review Green Tea

Hi Hi! 😀

I saw on Ebay and thought I would see what its like. Its from Etudes House Handmade Jam collection. I chose the green one.

First Look DSC_6941

The bottle has a white paper label with some Japanese characters on the front. The lid is a gold colour. It is kind of like a jam jar almost. The nail polish is a light green colour from the bottle.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have Green Tea 8ml or number 5

My ExperienceDSC_6952-1

I applied the nail polish with a slight bit of trouble as the formula was gloopy. Not enough to be thick and unmanageable but enough to make you concentrate on random gloopy drops. The nail polish was pretty much opaque in one coat but I decided to do two for the photo. As I was applying the nail polish I could smell a fruity scent coming off it, it seemed to me to be like a peach smell. Very juicy and sweet smelling 😀

My Thoughts

I was surprised that I actually liked the green that this nail polish came off like as it either looked like an army green or a bogey colour and they are kind of weird for me. The smell was nice and the overall application turned out better then I thought after I saw the gloopiness.


I give this nail polish 8/10. I liked the colour and the scent but there is a slight gloopiness and I had to pay £6 for this polish as was hard to find.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Etude House Handmade Jam Nail Polish Review Green Tea

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