My Nail Art!: Goldilocks, the 3 Glitter bears and a big bowl of porridge

Hi Hi! ūüėÄGoldilocks, the 3 glitter bears and a big bowl of porridge

I thought I would have a go at doing the goldilocks and the 3 bears on a bare nails instead of having a background like I normally do.

What you need:



Black colour nail polish

White colour nail polish

Blue colour nail polish

Grey/silver colour nail polish

Yellow colour nail polish

Peach/beige colour nail polish

Pink colour nail polish

Brown colour nail polish (glitter- optional)

Green colour nail polish

Red colour nail polish

Dotting tools/ nail art pen

First step is the basecoat. I am using two coats of Barry M Basecoat, Top coat and Nail Hardener.

Wait to dry!

Next starting with the thumb make the bowl of porridge. Start with your white nail polish and paint from your cuticle to half way up your nail, I used Color Club On Cloud Nine (2coats). While that dries make the spoon coming out of the bowl. I used a dotting tool and some grey nail polish from a collection of nail polish called Lumiere. Using a blue nail polish paint a stripe across the middle of the bowl to finish it off. I used Hello Kitty OPI My Pal Joey. Lastly outline the bowl with a black nail polish. I used a nail art pen then went over it with a dotting tool and Rimmel 60secs Black out nail polish. You can also outline the blue stripe if you wish.

For the Goldilocks nail (pointer finger)start of with a peach/ beige colour and paint in the middle of your nail just a little over halfway.¬† I used a peach colour from a collection of nail polish called Lumiere. While that is drying make¬†the “Gold” locks with a yellow nail polish.¬†I used a large dotting tool and Rimmel 60 secs Chin up Buttercup and a circling motion to try and make it look curly. For the face I used a white nail polish and a large dotting tool for the whites of the eyes, blue nail polish for the eyes, black for the pupils and a small dotting tool for the eye lashes. I also added a pink smile of a mouth using small dotting tool and Selena Gomez’s Nicole by OPI Naturally. Lastly I added a little black bow for the top of her head.

Papa bear nail (middle finger)I used two brownish nail polishes. I started off with Collection 2000 Maxiflex Bronzed and made the shape of a bear head using a large dotting tool. I also made this shape on my ring finger and pinkie while waiting for it to dry. I then used Cupcakes and Champagne Ruby Wing Colour changing nail polish Cinnamon Buns on top. For the ears I used a pink nail polish and a large dotting tool and placed a dot on the inside of the ears. The eyes I used white and a large dotting tool, the green (Etude House Handmade Jam Green tea) for the eyes and black for the pupils and nose. I added a black bow tie for papa bear, a red ear bow for mama bear (Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Soufflé Strawberry Jam) and a blue dummy for baby bear.

To complete this manicure add your top coat and you are done.

Share Your Thoughts! ūüėÄ

X x x


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