Furry Princess’s 4th Birthday!

Hi Hi! 😀

It’s my Furry Princess’s First Birthday and in honour of her birthday I am putting up the manicure from a couple years back 😀

Furry Princess nailsHey Hey!!

In honour of my furry princess’s birthday I decided to dedicate a nail art tutorial post just for her 😀

What you need:

Top coat Base coat
Grey nail polish
White nail polish
Brown nail polish
Black nail polish/striper/nail art pen
Dotting tools

First things first, put your basecoat to protect the nail. I’m using Barry M Base coat Top coat and Nail Hardener.

Wait to dry!

Now for the colour of my furry princess. Get your grey nail polish and paint two coats. I am using Make Up Academy in the colour Bullet.

More waiting!

Next get out your black nail polish. I am using a nail art pen, to see the review click on the link  https://theheartofnails.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/nail-art-pen-review/

You need to make my Furry Princess’s ears. She has big floppy ears so just left or right of the middle of the nail(depending on whether you are doing her left ear or right ear first) start off making a curved line towards the edge of the nail then draw a straight line down the edge like I have in the picture. Do for both ears.

Now for her big brown eyes!! Using the biggest dotting tool I have I got my white nail polish and brown nail polish ready. I am using Collection French Manicure French White and a brown colour from a collection of 7 nail polishes called Flawless Nails. Make big white dots for her eyes and while you are waiting you can make her nose. I think she has quite a big nose so do a big black upside down triangle shape with your black nail polish. 

Hopefully the whites of her eyes are now dry so you can make her a little more friendly by using the brown nail polish. Using a slightly smaller dotting tool do a couple of dots on the whites of her eyes.

Wait to dry!! Now apply the last part to the eyes, the pupils. Just make black dots and your done. Apply the top coat to make it more shiny and Ta DA!!! Furry Princess Nails are now completed. 😀

Also to make the manicure more interesting play around a bit more with the design like I have. Some nails I have just the ears and the eyes, some have the ears, eyes and nose and the thumb nail has the ears, eyes, nose and the outline of her face.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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