Etude House Wedding Peach Nail Polish Review #7

Hi Hi! 😀

I saw this on Ebay and I had to buy it! 😀 A girl with green hair on a green nail polish bottle 😀 Turns out this character is Hinagiku Tamano from Wedding Peach also known as Angel Daisy. I have recently watched Wedding Peach DX since I bought this as I don’t think I ever saw it on TV. I kind of like it but it does remind me of Sailor Moon just a touch.

First Look Angel Daisy nail polish

The bottle is the style of the Play nail polish and is clear with a sticker on it with a character from Wedding peach on it. It also has a yellow lid which ties into the character’s Love Angel outfit which is yellow.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have #7 which has Hinagiku Tamano/ Angel Daisy on the bottle 8ml

My Experiencedsc_6987

The smell of the polish is similar the Etude House Play nail polish and it is a little strong at first. The consistency seems quite nice and I was able to apply the nail polish with no problem. The first coat seemed to be quite sheer so I definitely needed another coat. The nail polish seemed to dry pretty quick so I was able to move on to my second coat. The second coat of nail polish seemed pretty opaque but since I have a white mark on my little finger I needed to get another coat in to make it completely opaque.

My Thoughts

I was a little disappointed that it was sheer on the first coat as it is such a bright colour that it seemed to fit as an opaque in coat kind of colour however the end result is nice. The nail polish itself is nice and even with my short nails it did not run on to my skin so clean up was pretty much near to none. Nice bright green colour so that’s always nice although it does have a certain plastically look to it if you know what I mean. The green does remind me of another green nail polish I already have but is a slight shade lighter.


I give this nail polish 9/10 Aside from being sheer it is a nice green nail polish that was a reasonable price.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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