Candy Color Ice cream Nail Polish Review #5

Hi Hi! 😀

I could never find Etude House Ice cream nail polish so this is a nice cheaper alternative. I bought this on Ebay for £0.99. I will leave the link of where I bought this as it is not branded and has no name. Please click link:

First Look dsc_7001

The bottle this nail polish is the shape of a scoop of ice cream and the lid is like a cone. There are no labels or brand names anywhere. There is a sticker on the bottom with the number of the polish.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have #5 Bubblegum pink 12ml

My Experiencedsc_7022-1

Using this nail polish seemed quite nice as the texture wasn’t to gloopy or runny but I did have to make sure I mix it in properly as when I just applied it, it was gloopy. While applying ti came of bit streaky but a after couple of seconds it managed to smooth it self  out 😀 It is also a nice bright colour and practically opaque in one coat.

My Thoughts

I will admit to buying this nail polish because the bottle was cute and had no plans to use it so it’s a nice surprise for how cheap this polish is and the result it gave.


I give this nail polish 10/10! Less then a pound, opaque in one coat, cute packaging and a formula that is not too awkward to work with.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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