Tony Moly Pokémon Nail Polish Review Pikachu #2

Hi Hi! 😀

This is my first Tony Moly Nail Polish and I discovered this Pokémon one on Ebay quite some time back but never go round to reviewing so here we go 😀

First Look dsc_7004

The bottle is pretty simple enough, clear with a black lid with the logo on top. The bottle has a sticker and a picture of Pikachu. The nail polish is like confetti/glitter with lightening bolts both black and yellow, red hearts and stars and yellow, white and red circles of different sizes. There is also a Pikachu hologram on the bottle.

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have #2 Pikachu 8ml The only glitter/confetti nail polish in the collection of 6

My Experiencedsc_7024

This nail polish as with most confetti/ glitter types was bit difficult to apply with out have to do so many coats. I have heard about using make up sponges to apply it, so may have a go with that. The smell of the nail polish wasn’t as toxic as most and in general stuck on nicely except for the odd bent glitter.

My Thoughts

I was quite excited by this nail polish and on the pink nail polish in the picture it reminds me of sprinkles on cake icing. I see no problems with this nail polish but I will try painting on different colours and the make up sponge technique. I like the different confetti/glitters as they really do remind me of the Pokémon show I used to watch.


I give this nail polish 9/10. This nail polish is a nice little novelty to have and its a fun little nail polish when you are in the mood.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x 

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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