My Nail Art: Basic Monster High Nails

Hi Hi! 😀

Decided to do a very easy nail art on Monster High 😀

What you need:basic monster high nails

Top coat


Black colour nail polish

Gold glitter nail polish

Brown nail polish(glitter)

White colour nail polish

 Dark pink colour nail polish

 Red colour nail polish

Yellow colour nail polish

Blue colour nail polish

 Dotting tools/ nail art pen/thin striper brush

First apply you basecoat. I applied two coats of Barry Basecoat, Top coat and Nail hardener.

Wait to dry!

Thumb/ Skullette logo

Using a dark pink and blue nail polish paint half of your nail. I used OPI Strawberry Margherita on the left side and Hello Kitty Playa. Use black nail polish and striper brush to make diagonal lines down the pink side of the nail. I used Rimmel 60secs Black Out.

Wait to dry!

Next using the white nail polish and a dotting tool try your best to make the shape of skullette. I used Color Club On Cloud Nine.

Wait to dry! 

Next using your dark pink nail polish make a bow shape on the right side of the skull. Lastly using a dotting tool and your black nail polish make the eyes and nose and outline the skull and the bow. Make sure to use your thin brush for the eyelashes.

Pointer Finger/ Frankie Stein

Using your white nail polish apply two coats of nail polish.

Wait to dry!

Next using a black nail polish and your thin striper brush make stripes from top to bottom. Don’t worry too much about it not being thick dark stripes as the idea is to make Frankie’s hair. I also used a yellow to add that slight lightening touch. I using Rimmel 60secs Chin up Buttercup.

Middle finger/ Draculaura

Paint your nail dark pink.

Wait to dry!

Using your black nail polish and your striper brush to make thick stripes top to bottom.

Wait to dry!

Next using a red nail polish make a lip shape. I used Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Soufflé Strawberry Jam. Then outline the lip.

Wait to dry!

Using a white nail polish make some fangs. 

Ring finger/Clawdeen

Using a brown nail polish pain your nail. I used Cupcakes and Champagne Ruby Wings Cinnamon Buns.

Wait to dry!

Next using a white nail polish and a dotting tool make the shape of a crescent moon and outline with black nail polish 

Pinkie finger/Cleo De Nile

Simply paint your nail black.

Wait to dry!

Add a gold glitter polish and you are done. I using Collection 2000 Hot Looks Shimmer Shake.

Apply your top coat and you are finished.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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