Collection 2000 Gothic Glam Nail Polish Review 3 Deadly

Hi Hi! 😀

First Lookdsc_7157

The nail polish bottle has a long black handle and a sticker around it. The colour is a black with shimmery gold glitter.

The Nail Polish I tried

 I have Deadly 12ml

My Experiencedsc_7149

I found this nail polish too look pretty good in one coat but even better with two coats of nail polish. My cuticles are still dry and the wide brush made it difficult to avoid it. The nail polish dried pretty quick so again putting too much nail polish became an issue.

My Thoughts

I was quite happy to use this nail polish as it wasn’t just a plain black which I’m not actually a fan of. It was a subtle pretty nail polish.


I give this nail polish 8/10. I would definitely use this one again.


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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