Collection 2000 Gothic Glam Nail Polish Review 4 Poison

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First Lookdsc_7151

The nail polish is a round bottle with a long black handle. The colour is a dark blue and looks shimmery.

The Nail Polish I tried

I tried Poison 12ml

My Experience

dsc_7141Applying this nail polish was no problem. It was pretty much opaque but I did prefer to do two coats just so it wasn’t patchy. The consistency of the nail polish was easy to work with but as my cuticles were a touch dry to the weather it did attract the nail polish to them which kind of made it look messier then it was especially due to the wide brush it has which is very wide and straight as getting into the curve of the cuticle was slight difficult.

My Thoughts

I was excited to try out this nail polish as I do like a blue and it reminds me of a glittery blue I used to love using even though this one is a touch darker it is still beautiful. 


I give this nail polish 8/10. The brush is slightly awkward and the opaqueness could be slightly more but it still works. I would buy this again.


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