My Nail Art!: Chick Wallpaper (Easter)

Hi Hi! 😀

Icame in from work and decided on this 😀 It reminds me of wall paper hence the name ;0P (yeah I used hence lol)

What you need:

Base coat

Top coat

Pink nail polish

Yellow nail polish

White nail polish

Black nail polish 

Orange nail polish

Dotting tool/nail art pen

What to do:

First step apply your base coat. I used two coats of Barry M Basecoat, Top coat and Nail Hardener.

Wait to dry!

Now for  the background/base colour, I chose pink but you can choose whatever you like. I used two coats of Selena Gomez’s Nicole by OPI  Naturally.

Wait to dry!

Now for the chicks. Using a small dotting tool and yellow nail polish make two dots close together, one slightly below and to the right of the first to make the body. I used Rimmels 60secs Super Dry Chin up Buttercup. While it dries make the beak using an even smaller dotting tool and an orange nail polish. I used Rita Ora’s Rimmel Tangerine Tent. 

The details now with your black nail polish and smallest dotting tool. I used Rimmel 60secs Black Out. Just make a small dot for the eyes and draw stick legs and you are done….

Well not quite… repeat all the above randomly all over your nails or just do one big one like I have done on the pinkie. Apply your top coat and you are done 😀

Happy Easter!! :D:D  

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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