Seventeen Colour Wave Nail Collection Review

Hi Hi! 😀

This is a gift from Christmas

First Lookseventeen red bottle seventeen navy bottle seventeen pink bottle seventeen purple bottle seventeen nude bottle seventeen multi glitter seventeen pink glitter bottle

The bottles are all short with short black handles with a sticker round the bottle with the colour of the nail polish on the side.

The Nail polish I tried

There are 7 nail polishes all 4ml 

Navy, Red ,Pink, Purple, Nude, Pink glitter and Multi Glitter

My Experience dsc_7198

Each nail polish was slightly differently to what I expected. The navy nail polish was a nice dark blue but its was slightly patchy so I had to apply a second coat of nail polish. The red nail polish is quite a nice red but again slightly patchy so I had to put an extra coat of polish. The pink actually looked a lot like the red nail polish and was opaque in one coat. The purple I liked the colour of but after applying two coats is was still patchy as you can see in the picture. The Nude seemed to be a matte nail polish as it looked thick and creamy with no shine once applied.dsc_7204dsc_7201 The glitter nail polishes were really messy and did not apply nicely so I did not try the multi glitter as I was having a hard time taking the glitter off my  skin after removing the nail polish.dsc_7193 dsc00017 dsc00023

My Thoughts

With the colours I liked the purple, blue and pink but it was a shame that the formula was a bit runny and patchy. I thought the smaller bottles were the perfect size for travel and for using the polish up before it dries up.


I give these nail polishes 5/10. I liked the colours just did not like the way it applied and the end result.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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