Retro Revival 2017 Essie Nail Polish Review Prima Bella

Hi Hi! 😀

Found this in Boots! Thought I would try this particular nail polish as I have always been drawn to darker shades and was bit worried the lighter pinks wouldn’t suit me :0(

First LookEssie prima bella bottle

The bottle is the typical square like bottle with the white lid but there is also these shiny starts all over it. The nail polish is a dark pink with shimmers

The Nail Polish I Tried

I tried Prima Bella 13.5ml

My Experience

Essie prima bella nailsUsing this nail polish wasn’t a huge problem for me but I did notice that it was slightly sheer. I applied two coats. There is a slight shimmer in the bottle but is not noticeable on the nails. The consistency seemed easy to work with.

My Thoughts

I actually like how this pink turned out as I have not had many Essie nail polishes I have been happy with. The colour is pretty and seems like it could suit a lot of skin tones.


I give this nail polish 7/10. I do like this nail polish colour but the price is bit expensive for me.

Share Your Thoughts!:D

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