China Glaze Nail Polish Review Highlight Of My Summer

Hi Hi! 😀

I have never owned a China Glaze nail polish before and I saw a Youtuber wearing this particular one and I do love my greens so thought I would give it a try,   

First Look

Clear bottle with print. The shape seems to get slightly smaller going up. Black lid with logo. The nail polish is a pastel green but seems fairly bright.

The Nail Polish I tried

Highlight of my Summer 14ml

 My Experience

I have used pale nail polishes before and don’t expect much from the first coat so there was no surprise that this nail polish was a touch watery and sheer on the first coat. The second coat was slightly better but I wanted to do three just to get it completely opaque. I think if I had applied the first one better the second one could have been enough. The drying time was pretty quick as I used quite thin coats of nail polish.

My Thoughts

I love the colour of this nail polish and its exciting that the colour doesn’t look too weird on my nails and make my skin tone darker then it is. I think it will be nice for summer :0) Even though I have to apply three coats the quick drying time makes it bearable 😀 Very pretty 😀


I give this nail polish 8/10. I like the colour and I like the drying time I just wish it wasn’t watery,

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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2 thoughts on “China Glaze Nail Polish Review Highlight Of My Summer

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