China Glaze Nail Polish Review Flying Dragon

Hi Hi! 😀

I couldn’t resist this one!! Why?! It’s because its called Flying dragon 😀 I love dragons

First Look

Clear bottle with print and black lid with logo. Dark purple colour with blue and pink glitter.

The Nail Polish I tried

Flying Dragon 14ml

My Experience

With this nail polish I was expecting opaque in one or two coats as dark colours tend to do well in coverage. This nail polish seemed easy to work with but it dried very very quickly so I had to swipe the nails quickly as going over it half way seemed to make a very weird dry rub sort of thing happen(no sure if that makes sense.) I wanted two coats to make the nails stand out more as they seemed to dull quickly. The nail polish I discovered had a matte effect. The pretty colour I could see in the bottle didn’t seem very visible. <—— the matte look in this photo. The next day I thought I would apply a topcoat and see if the nail polish was different in the way it stood out. ——-> This photo is the shiny nails and I actually prefer it like this as the glittery effect looks more true to the bottle.

My Thoughts

I really like this nail polish even though purple isn’t one of my favourite colours I do like the slightly pinkier version of this one with the glitter. It’s very pretty. I love the fact that it dries quickly and that I can have a choice of matte or shiny 😀 I think two coats is best for this nail polish to get more of an effect from the glitter. The photos do not do it justice.


I give this nail polish an 8/10. Quick drying, pretty colour, dragon name and quick drying not to mention the matte to shiny thing 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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