Barry M Frosted Cupcakes Nail Polish Review Strawberries and Cream


Hi Hi! 😀

Spotted this in Superdrugs and thought I would pick it up along with my top coats I was getting. It reminded me of ice cream

First Look

The bottle is squared with a silver lid. The nail polish is a pale pink colour with flakey glitter.

The Nail Polish I tried

I have Strawberries and Cream 10ml

My Experience

I wasn’t too sure about this nail polish as pale colours I don’t do too well with. This particular nail polish was very sheer in the first coat and I immediately knew I may have an issue applying the second coat and may be a third. The nail polish consistency was a touch runny and sheer with the little pieces of glitter covering most of the nail. Drying time was quick the first coat but the second one took longer. I had to get involved with a third coat but I ended up with slight bald spots to fix up.

My Thoughts

To be honest I don’t particularly like the effect of this nail polish. The colour is pretty but it would look much nicer with different kind of glitter or even just as a cream nail polish. The watery consistency was awkward to apply for me and some ended up settling in my cuticle area.


I would give this nail polish a 4/10. I love the name, the colour and the price but otherwise i’m not a fan of this nail polish.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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