Ciate London Mani Marker Nail Polish Pen Review Role Model

Hi Hi! : D

I heard about this and thought I would give it a try.

First Look

This was a black pen with silver stripes and the colour of the polish near the lid which was a purple blue colour.

The Nail Polish I tried

This was Role model

My Experience

This pen told me I had to press down on the nib for a few seconds but I had to wait quite a bit longer before anything happened. Finally things start happening and I was able to start painting my nails. The pen had nail polish coming out but not quite enough as it dried quick and was leaving streaks. the first hand I had to do two coats but the second seemed to look more opaque in one once the nail polish started flowing. I have two photos and one is without and one I had to apply the topcoat to smooth it out and it looked so much better.

My Thoughts

This nail polish pen seems quite nice for those quick days as it was easy to apply once the nail polish was flowing through the nib more and was pretty opaque in one coat. I would recommend trying out different pressures as the nail polish worked best when pressed bit harder. Also it will be quite streaky at first and when applying a second coat you may end up spreading it. Define need of topcoat.


I give this nail polish pen a 7/10. I like the idea of it but it is bit expensive and I do feel it needs to be used a couple times when dry more you can full use it.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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