Ruby Wing Colour Changing Nail Polish Review Cut Grass

Hi Hi! 😀

I was excited to see a green nail polish so I decided to try this one out. I was really interested to see what cut grass would smell like in nail polish.

First Look ruby wing cut grass nail polish bottle

The nail polish bottle is a square bottle with a gold lettering on the front. There is a gold round lid and mine came with a little label showing the colour change the polish makes in the sun.

The Nail Polish I tried

I tried Cut Grass 15ml




My Experienceruby wing cut grass nails

I noticed the thin brush and the watery consistency of this nail polish and I knew it would need more then one coat of polish. I waited for the first layer to dry and given how thin it was it took a bit longer then I thought. I applied the second to cover the sheer parts. It still looked like it may need a third and so I waited for it to dry before I applied. This took far too long and even though it felt slightly dry it was extremely sticky and could leave dents in the nail and so I didn’t want to risk a third.

My Thoughts

I did not like this nail polish. It was really thin and in spite of the consistency took forever to dry and needed more then 2coats of nail polish. The smell of the nail polish smelt nothing like grass and I’m not entirely sure of what it did smell like. I like the colour but maybe the formula needs to be different. 


I don’t like this nail polish except for the colour of it so I will give it a 3/10

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