My First Butter Nail Polish Review Pimms

butter nails lidHi Hi! 😀

I was browsing on Ebay and realised that I have never used a Butter nail polish before and there was one up slightly cheap so I bought it :0)…. 

First Look 

The nail polish is in a rectangular shaped bottle. It is clear with a black lid. The nail polish is a slightly dark yellow crème colour. I also found that the lid is not the actual lid. Its just a cap that sits on top and then underneath there is the screw lid with the attached brush that has a picture of a bird.

The Nail Polish I tried

I tried is Pimms 11ml



My Experiencebutter nails

I noticed this nail polish was opaque on the very first coat of nail polish. The brush however is fairly thin so I had to apply more then three strokes to paint the whole nail. The formula was slightly watery so it was hard to keep away the bald spots. I did go over certain areas as I noticed when it dried(it did try fairly quick) if there were any slight ridges on the nail they showed up quite a lot and my ridges aren’t very deep. Please see picture on left. The other picture is of the touch up I had done

My Thoughts

I have never used a butter nail polish and I was expecting quite a lot from it given its original price and the fact that is 3 free. I did like the fact that the first coat was pretty much opaque however after drying it made something strange happen which I’m not entirely sure shows up in the photo well enough. I did expect the formula to be a touch watery as most yellows are. I may purchase a different colour as I felt this did not suit my skin tone.


I give this nail polish 7/10. I do like the idea of 3 Free, the quick drying time and the fact that it is opaque in one coat but I don’t like the visible ridges when it dries or the original price and the thin brush. I may purchase a different colour to compare.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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