My Nail Art: Dragon Eyes

Hi Hi! 😀

Well I just realised never did a dragon manicure so here it is. (Sleeping dragon not included ;0))Dragon eyes nails

What you need:



Green glitter nail polish

Dark pink (matte) nail polish

Green nail polish(yes another one)

Orange nail polish

Red nail polish

Black nail polish

White nail polish

Nail art brush/dotting tools


First step apply 2coats of your basecoat. I am using Barry Ms Super Mani 7 in 1 Nail Treatment.

Next using your dark pink nail polish and your glitter green nail polish paint alternate nails. I chose to have the pointer and the ring finger as the green ones. I used China Glaze Flying Dragon please click link for review- and Seventeen Colour Carnival Green Gold Shimmer. Please click link for review-

Wait to dry!!

Thumb of Fire ;op

Obviously with a dragon you got to have some fire so for the thumb I have done this mix of orange red. I have used Rita Ora’s Rimmel 60secs Super Shine Tangerine Tent please click link for review- and I used Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberrry Souffle Strawberry Jam The best way for me to create the fire effect was to wipe of the nail polish on the side of the bottle as much as possible and just randomly dab the two colours. You could also use a makeup sponge and dap the nail polish that way if you prefer.

The pointer and ring finger dragon scales. I used a green nail polish and randomly splotched it on the nails to create a slight two tone effect of the scales. I used Seventeen Colour Carnival Emerald Green please click the link for the review-

The last two nails are the dragon eyes. I first used the red nail polish and a nail art brush and tried to create some blood vessels in the eyes.

Wait to dry!

Using a nail art brush outline the shape of an almond for the pupil of the eye. Then fill in with a black nail polish. Lastly add a large white dot and a little dot slightly away from the first for a reflection and you are done :D:D

Apply your top coat and you have your dragon inspired manicure :D:D:D

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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