Etude House Juice Recipe Nail Polish Banana

Hi Hi! 😀

I was browsing on Ebay and a different Etude House nail polish came up so figured id see what this one was like.

First Look  Juice recipe banana nail polish bottle

The nail polish is in a circular shaped bottle. It is clear with a black lid I also noticed there was a straw sticker on the side of the bottle to look like a juice box. The nail polish is a bright yellow colour with some glitter inside it.

banana nail polish bottleThe Nail Polish I tried

I tried Banana 8ml



My Experience

I noticed this nail polish was quite thin  and watery on first application. I also noticed a slight sweet banana smell. The nail polish applied very thinly dried quick and I  was ready for the second coat of polish. Applying the second coat I tried to keep it thin to prevent drips and a built up on the sides of the nail. The second coat wasn’t particularly opaque but it was a definite improvement. I then just went over with a very light third coat of polish to even things out and hide any bald spots.

My Thoughts juice recipe banana nails

I did like the idea of the banana nail polish and it does look pretty on the bottle but it just looked quite thick and slightly odd looking although it may have been my application. I did attempt a second attempt which is the picture.


I give this nail polish 7/10. I like the name, the colour, the price however it is slightly watery and I had slight trouble applying it neatly

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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