Filthy Gorgeous London Nail Polish Review Blah


Hi Hi!:D

 I have purchased filthy gorgeous nail polish before but it was a magnetic nail polish whereas this one was a regular cream nail polish.

First Look filthy gorgeous blah nail polish

The bottle is spherical and clear with a silver and black floral lace design lid. The nail polish is a green colour

The Nail Polish I Tried

I tried Blah 10ml





My Experiencefilthy gorgeous blah nails

Applying this nail polish was pretty good. These colours tend to be on the watery side so I tried to limit the amount of polish I had on the brush. With the right technique you could get away with this in one coat of nail polish as it was pretty opaque on its own but I decided on two coats to intensify the colour. 


My Thoughts

I really liked this nail polish as I have always liked this colour and have purchased other brands in it but it is mostly viewed as a vomit or bogey colour but I think its unique and striking,


I give this nail polish 7/10 as I like the colour and the bottle is cute but it is a touch watery for an expensive nail polish.


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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