Essence Nail Polish Glow in the Dark: Girl on the moon

Hi Hi! 😀

I also picked up this nail polish while I was in Wilkinsons. I couldn’t resist as after that last one I am pretty sure there is a better glow in the dark after and I figured why not 😀

First Look

The bottle is a round clear bottle with a sticker with the brand on it and a black lid . The nail polish it self is kind of like a slight yellow tinted milky colour.Essence glow in the dark top coat bottle

Nail polish I tried

I tried 36 Girl on the moon 8ml






My Experience essence girl on he moon

The bottle recommended using another nail polish as a base so I applied my basecoat and just chose another polish on top. I then applied the two coats like the instructions suggested including the drying time in between each coat. Application was fine and a slight milky ness was left on my nails. 

My Thoughts

This nail polish applies on smoothly but if you have added a slight too much of this the dry time does take its time. It does actually glow in the dark and the glow is kind of like a glow in the dark stars kind of brightness. 😀 I decided to use this on my toes for those late night water and bathroom trips ;0)


I would give this nail polish a 7/10 it was cheap to buy, its easy to apply and it actually does what it says… it glows!! in two coats 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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