Tony Moly Cuticle Softner

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Found this and thought I would give it a go. I found it quite cheap on Ebay

First Look tony moly cuticle softner

The bottle this cuticle treatment is in is a basic round bottle with a silver lid which came in a nice little yellow box. 

The Nail Polish I Tried

I have Cuticle Softner

My Experience

Using this treatment was very easy as you can just apply it the way you would nail polish using the brush. The product was quite cold and slightly grainy.  I applied on to the cuticle and on parts of the nail and I could smell what smelt like a lotion of some sort. I rubbed it in the skin and the nail until it absorbed fully. The skin that was very rough don’t seemed to change but the skin in general became quite soft. I did use a cuticle pusher and push the cuticles back a little bit.

My Thoughts

I am not entirely sure of what I was expecting from this product but I’m not too sure about it. I like the idea of it but it doesn’t do as much as the cuticle cream I use.


I give this a 5/10. In general the idea is nice, it absorbs fast but I wouldn’t recommend for really dry cuticles with rough edges.

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My Glass Nail File

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I thought I would do a review of my ail file. I have had this nail file for quite so time after using a disposable and then a metal file.

First look  Glass nail file

It is a glass nail file with a green gradient from the handle to the tip of the file. There is also a tiny crystal at the handle of the file. Comes in protective case.

What I tried

I tried a glass nail file I found on Ebay. Just a regular one pound one 😀

My Experience and Thoughts

Having used a metal file for quite some time I was used to the grating sound it produces so when I used glass there was less of a noise. The file was firm but the surface was smooth which almost feels like it isn’t filing off anything, but after awhile you will start to see the nail dust come out, whereas the metal one you could feel it filing the nail down. I feel that this nail file is more gentle on my nail and gives a nice smooth finish. The disposable files were cheap but never lasted long and having to constantly replace them wasn’t for me. With this file just rinsing with water after using keeps it all nicenice and the case is a nice addition to protect the file. I feel like this file could last me a long time.


I give the 10/10 :D:D Love it! It’s green, cheap and gives a nice result without the file bending or breaking nails.

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Nail Polish Remover Pen Review

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Nail polish remover pen





I thought I would tell you about some helpful little pens that will come in handy for when you get messy manicures.

First look  Nail polish remover pen nib

It is a double ended nail polish remover pen. One of the lids has the pen part and the other contains the replacements remover nibs. There are 3 replacements altogether not including the nib already on the pen. The nib is flat on one side and pointy at the top for easy cleaning.

What I triedNail polish remover pen replacements

I tried a nail polish remover pen I found on Ebay for 99p from China. It does not have a name.

My Experience and Thoughts

According to the website there is nail polish remover inside the pen but I noticed it dried out after awhile and I managed to open the bottom of the pen where there is a long sponge inside which I soaked in my on nail polish remover and carried on using until the nib was too dirty. Please note that I have bought a couple of pens and not all of them open from the bottom(the ones that don’t open from the bottom well my trick is to just dip the nib in to the nail polish remover and use as normal). The nibs last quite awhile if you scrape the nail polish off as you go along. I like the shape of the nibs as I can get into the side of the nail in between the skin and nail without ruining my manicure or getting fluff stuck all over it. I always keep my nails quite short as you can see in a lot of my photos and when it comes to nail cutting day it is very difficult to get a neat and tidy manicure for some reason, so these pens come in real handy 😀


I give these pens a 9/10 as they are quick and easy to use, very cheap to buy and leave you with a nice and tidy manicure 😀 The one point I didn’t give is because of the ones I can’t open the bottom to :0(

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Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream Review

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I have heard a lot about Burts’ Bees products so I thought I should try it 😀

The Burt’s Bees website was a bit expensive so I opted for something I’d most likely use but not so much I’d run out quick. I got mine for £3.99 on Ebay

First Look

Burts bees lemon butter cuticle creamIt has a couple of “Lemons” (they look like limes ;0)) on the front. The tin looks like it would have a lemon lip balm inside. It is a very small and flat tin.

What I have

I have the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream in the handbag size which is 8.5g

My Experience

When I first opened the tin it had a really nice lemon smell which reminded me of washing up liquid or those hard sweets. Clean and fresh 😉 The feel of the product was waxy and a tiny bit grainy. Applying was easy as it was a nice texture almost simular to that of a lipbalm. Once applied I noticed a difference immediately. Skin looks moisturised and more healthier. Was easy to push cuticles back as they were very soft.

My Thoughts!

Burts bees lemon butter cuticle creamI really like the smell, the texture is quite nice and it is not greasy. The product absorbs nicely so as soon as you are done you can get on with things, unlike the cuticle oil, which you have to wait to dry. Also even after you wash your hands it lasts all day. I think it works best if you apply it everyday.


I would give this 9/10! I love pretty much everything except the price, but depending on how long it lasts me I may change my mind 😀

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Electronic Nail Polisher

Hey Hey! 🙂Electronic nail polisher

Very random! Thought I’d introduce the newest addition to my nail things 🙂

As a gift I received an Electronic Nail Polisher. I have taken a picture of the box which you can see on the right if you would like to purchase same one>>>>>

The Electronic Nail Polisher is a nail buffing machine which comes with 2 Micro Smooth Rollers and 2 Micro Shine Rollers and a travel pouch. Batteries are

DSC_5241included. You can see what comes in the box in the photo on the left<<<<<<<

Having read the instructions I can tell you that it there are rules and I would advise any of you to not break any of the rules.

1. Don’t use this machine more then 1-2 seconds each time. (Meaning don’t keep buffing your nail until you finish it, you need to stop every 1-2seconds)

2. Don’t use the machine more then every two weeks (I’d say if you can leave it longer then two weeks)

3. Don’t use anywhere else except on your nails


Buffing as I’m sure you all know isn’t exactly the best beauty treatment for your nails, but once in DSC_5250awhile to help the ridges and anything else you got going on with your nails is ok.

So far I have used this machine twice on my finger nails and once on my toe nails and I have not been disappointed yet. You can see the results on the right>>>>

To use this machine you start of with the smooth roller which is the grey sandpaper looking one. this one is to smooth out the nail and get rid of the ridges. The shine rollers  are to make it all nice and shiny. In the end you get a healthy nails looking result. It makes them all pretty and lasts for up to two weeks as well as making your manicure last longer.

Just remember buffing lots might make your nails shiny but it can also make them weak and thin if done too much,so be careful. 

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