Collection 2000 Gothic Glam Nail Polish Review 3 Deadly

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First Lookdsc_7157

The nail polish bottle has a long black handle and a sticker around it. The colour is a black with shimmery gold glitter.

The Nail Polish I tried

 I have Deadly 12ml

My Experiencedsc_7149

I found this nail polish too look pretty good in one coat but even better with two coats of nail polish. My cuticles are still dry and the wide brush made it difficult to avoid it. The nail polish dried pretty quick so again putting too much nail polish became an issue.

My Thoughts

I was quite happy to use this nail polish as it wasn’t just a plain black which I’m not actually a fan of. It was a subtle pretty nail polish.


I give this nail polish 8/10. I would definitely use this one again.


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Using a brush for clean up

Elf concealer brushHi Hi! 😀

I thought would talk about something different. I have mentioned about using a nail polish remover pen to clean up during and after a manicure. To see the review please click the link:

I do like using the nail polish remover pens but they are more of a disposable or on the go choice which you will eventually need to replace when it gets too dirty. I will continue to use the pens as they are easy to use except when they dry out. I have also started using a brush as a more permanent choice of clean up, which would be better for when you are at home, where you can pour some nail polish remover into a small cup/bowl or the cap from your bottle to dip your brush so a little bit fiddly.

I was looking at some of the nail art brushes that I have and tried them out but they were either to long or too thin. I heard about using a more flat brush so I ended up on Ebay. I found this  concealer brush by Elf for £2-3 and have had no problems with it except when a particularly dark shade of nail polish stained it slightly but it does not transfer on to the skin like the nail polish remover used to do when the nib needed changing. The brush works nicely in the sides of my nails whether the nail polish is wet or dry but easier when wet so best to clean up as you go along. After cleaning the polish on the skin I wipe the brush on the cotton pad before dipping in to the nail polish remover. When I am all done I use some hand wash liquid  to clean it then leave to dry.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan

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To all that celebrate today:


Happy Raksha Bandhan!

To those who don’t know this day, it is the day to celebrate the relationship between brothers and sisters, where the sister ties a rakhi or a sacred thread on her brother’s right hand wrist for his well being and in return receives his protection of her.

May your family be blessed and receive good fortune on this day 😀


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2 Year Blog-aversary! :D

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I have now been blogging about nails for two years

😀 Happy Blog-aversary! 😀  YAY!!

Thank you to all the people who have been liking and commenting on my blog posts, I feel I have got better over time but may have the occasional slip up but I am not giving up yet. I am going to continue to put nail stuff up online for at least another year if I can ;o) 


Rexina :0) 

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

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I have been nominated for my very First award!!  😀


A Dragon one no less (Love Dragons;0))So exciting!

I have been nominated by Maitreya from Glamor Polish for the Dragon Loyalty Award. Please click the link to see her blog

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There are rules apparently for this award, so here we go ;0)


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Hmm 7 interesting things about myself…. Ok

Number one!-I can dislocate my thumb ;0)

Number 2!- I Love all Animals except insects, I am afraid that if I am not able to glass and paper a spider I will get a vacuum out to get rid of it. (to any insects reading this yes I am a murderer and yes I am sorry)

Number 3!- I am left handed. Yep not so interesting to some but when I get out a pen people always seem to exclaim “she’s left handed!” Must be interesting 0:)

Number 4!- I enjoy sewing and have made many different kinds of plushies. As of now my collection is still growing.

Number 5!- Speaking of collections, I have 50 nail polishes which I have never had before I started blogging. I am not entirely sure if that’s a good thing. But seeing as how I watch a lot of Youtube I have noticed there are people with 2-3 racks plus drawers and cupboards full of nail polishes that are waaaay more then my shoe box full ;0)

Number 6!- I have a Furry Princess who I have trained to lay down, leave it and back up. She is still in training. We will attempt roll over and handshake soon 😀 

Number 7!- I like the number 5 because it connects to everything 😀

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